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Thursday, 25 July 2019

practice paper 10 | Bin sachivalay Clerk

Gujarat Government is going to take exam for recruitment of Unsolicity Clerk in October, in which lakhs candidates are preparing for the exam. A practice paper that helps prepare for these candidates is placed on this website, with which you can evaluate the preparation of the test yourself. As a result of this, what more do you need to read further on the topic? It will be conceived.It seems to cite a case that went to Switzerland. It was thought that the people of this country would be happy with the abundance of natural beauty and even very rich in economics. Moving around, a local person's home was approaching. A man of forty-five year old was giving water to his garden. Hi-Halo asked, can you talk a little bit? He called in the house. Talked In the mind, the sports question is asked. This is a nice country, people here are happy. Really all are happy? What are you upset about? The person responded in a single word by singing a little sigh, loneliness! Loneliness! He then proceeded to talk, you see, I am alone in the whole house. To work hard, you have to work hard!


Jangisar Akhtar is a share of the ghazal. 'Yeh Elam Ka Sauda Yeh Raisal Yeh Kitabay, Ek Hakhs Ki Khalo Kya Bhula Kya Leey Hai'. Even though it is said that akele hai kya gam hai ... but loneliness, pain, suffering, pain or sorrow is nothing else. I'm Feeling Lonely's Feeling Dangerously Grows I'm alone. I do not need anyone. Nobody loves me I do not care about anyone. I do not know whether I am or not A survey in the United States says that loneliness is taking the form of a serious illness across the world. Some psychologists and sociologists have said that "the epidemic of loneliness" has emerged in the whole world. Google's search of 'Filling Vary Lonely' goes up.

Man can not be alone Even solitary does not tolerate more than one extent. We all want someone. Anyone wants to laugh, to cry, to talk and quarrel. 42 million people over the age of 45 in the United States suffer from loneliness. We have less such studies there. Due to loneliness, man goes to the extent of suicide.

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