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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

practice paper 11 | Bin sachivalay Clerk

Gujarat Government is going to take exam for recruitment of Unsolicity Clerk in October, in which lakhs candidates are preparing for the exam. A practice paper that helps prepare for these candidates is placed on this website, with which you can evaluate the preparation of the test yourself. As a result of this, what more do you need to read further on the topic? It will be conceived.
The hardest thing to do in this world is to keep everyone happy. He who wants to keep everyone happy can never be happy himself. We should try our best not to feel offended, to make no one feel bad. Even if we think well, it is not necessary that all people speak well of us. There are some people who do not see anything good. It does not matter. You've done fifty good things, but if there is a mistake, then some people will hold on to it. We cannot decide who will say what, who will do what, what will be the response. The maturity of a human being is determined by what and how he responds to a matter, occasion or event. The measure of our sight stems from what we see.

Man has two options for what to do with people's response. If it is true then accept it. If something is wrong, then ignore it. A young saint approached. That said, I think all is good, but everyone speaks bad of me! The saint heard this and said, "Can you stop people from speaking?" The young man said no. The Saint said, "Then you will not let all these things come to you!" You stop it! Many people even do that by blowing their mouths. If he realizes that someone is talking abusively to me, he will immediately pick up the phone and say, why are you talking about me? I have done so much for you. By doing so we are wasting our energy.
It also matters how we take in what someone says. This is the story of an artist. His friend once said that the yellow man used to say about your art, that you don't know much. You often make some mistakes. The artist said, what were the mistakes he was talking about? Friend made mistakes. The artist immediately picked up the phone. The one who criticized said, thank you for the mistakes you have shown me. you are right. I often make the same mistakes you make. I didn't even notice it. The man said, My intention was not to say bad things to you. I love that you took the same sensation I wanted to say. When the talk was over, the friend of the artist said that when you took the phone in hand, it happened to me that you would argue. The artist said that when someone is talking about you poorly or poorly you should also think, who is speaking? Why speak? The man is a scholar. It is also a big deal to think so much about my art. What he said, my art is only going to improve? The friend of the artist said that he also makes no small mistakes. If you criticize others, why not see your own mistakes? The artist laughed and said, "Dude, where did I see my mistakes?" Did I know when he showed up? It is not my job to look at his mistakes. My job is to correct my mistakes. 
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