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Monday, 29 July 2019

TET 2 Exam paper with Official answer key 2012 to 2017

All aspirants who want to become primary teachers are required to pass the TET exam from the air. Under this circumstance, every student who passed BAD has been admitted to the TET exam.The dissatisfaction with the recruitment of Tat-2 pass candidates in the vacant posts of teachers in primary schools has been widespread.
According to information available in this regard, 3 thousand students were passed in the TAT-2 examination conducted by the education department of the government against which three thousand were recruited. At present, the students who pass 3,000 Tat-1 are lacking. In addition, 8,000 teachers are vacant, however, instead of hiring TAT-2 pass, the government is feeling the injustice of doing TAT-2 pass candidates by recruiting graduate as touring teachers. Which was recently introduced to the Director of Primary Education by the educated unemployed. Regarding this presentation, the Director of Primary Education has been encouraged to recruit teachers after Diwali. Herdev Walla, leader of the delegation fighting for Tat-1 candidates, said.

1.5 lakh candidates have applied from the state to become teachers in standard 1 to 5. The Tat-2 exam was organized by the State Examination Department on July 7th, and soon after, the Secondary Service Selection Board arranged for the examination of Senior Clerk of Class-I. It was up to the candidates to leave any one job. Both exams were canceled due to sudden downpour in the state. So now the date for both the exams has been announced differently in the newly announced date. It has been decided to take the Clark exam on August 7 and Tat-2 examination on August 7. So that the candidates will now have the opportunity to try their luck in both the exams.

It is worth mentioning that, while unemployment is increasing on the one hand, both exams were arranged on the same day due to lack of proper coordination between the two test agencies. The rain created an opportunity for both candidates to appear as a blessing for the lazy candidates. 

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