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Saturday, 10 August 2019

July 2019 Current affairs PDF File

Current Affairs is scheduled for July. Knowledge of current trends is asked in every exam. Students need to do special preparation as they ask current affairs questions in every government job. The file you enter here will be very useful in all exams. We are sharing this file so that all friends can get the most out of it. This would be best for those who are not preparing for the exam, but also for general knowledge. Students from primary to college will get this job.
In sum, if one wishes, the ability to present the literature of current affairs or everyday events is to be developed. Meanwhile, Dr Kashmira Mehta, the head of the English department, said that the proudest moment for his department was that five simultaneous English scholars have been announced to be awarded the doctorate. These are all five students. Two of whom are cousins. PhD students include Maitri Vyas, Kriti Vyas, Mansi Chauhan, Neerja Vaswada, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CGp-FLJpM1HgHcWvjDEGRMO_ZZpDF9r9/view?usp=sharing
On the one hand, discussions are going on for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's Peace Prize, while a 16-year-old girl has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
'I realized that if I did nothing to prevent this, I decided to do something.' Named for the Nobel Peace Prize. Greta has campaigned for climate change internationally. Greta's name has been recommended by three Norwegian lawmakers.

His campaign has inspired students from all over the world. On March 15 last year, students from around the world started the strike every Friday. He organized a school strike for the first time in August last year on climate change and protested against the Swedish parliament. Since then, he cannot attend his school every Friday for various protests.
National politicians, international officials, academics and event winners can propose the right candidate. The prize is announced annually in October and is awarded in December, with the event taking place in the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Last year Merit of Post Vibhag

Last year Merit of Post Vibhag
If you are looking for a job in the Indian Post Office Department then this opportunity is for you. The post office department has vacated the vacancy at the rank of staff car driver under the 7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix. Interested candidates can apply till 7 September 2018. The salary of the staff car driver will be from 19000 to 63200 rupees (depending on the level 2 of the pay matrix of payroll 7). People who have light and heavy vehicle licenses can apply for this post. He will also have a driving test for the selection of this post. This is going to happen in Kolkata.
Central Government and Armed Forces personnel can apply for this post. He should be serving as the Dispatch Rider of the Central Government as appropriate. Must have at least 3 years of driving experience. Apart from this he should have the knowledge of fixing the problems of small cars. In addition, retired or experienced personnel of the Armed Forces can apply for this post. Candidate age for this post should not be more than 56 years.
Apart from this, you can earn money by joining the post office even if you do not want to work. In India Post, you can start your own business with a franchisee. For this, a person must be at least 18 years old and pass the 8th standard.
Anil Ambani, the youngest son of an Ambani family in one of the richest families in the country, is currently facing a severe financial crisis. They are buried under heavy debt. On the other hand, his elder brother and Reliance Industries owner Mukesh Ambani is steadily increasing their business.
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Wednesday, 7 August 2019

TAT Bharti Related New GR

At a meeting of the General Board of the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHEB), the elected members of the board proposed the state government in the year 2011 to require separate computer teachers in all secondary and higher secondary schools.In order to recruit qualified and qualified teachers to teach computer subject, the state government has mandated to pass the TAT exam in computer subject which was taken TAT exam in 2014 but to this day, recruitment of computer teachers in any schools. Didn't come.
Recently, the state government had issued recruitment notification for only 17 posts of Computer Teacher for TAT pass candidates in computer subject but canceled for any reason.
Computer schools worth billions of rupees eat dust. In the age of information technology, it is necessary to recruit qualified computer teachers to ensure that students gain knowledge of computer subject. Gandhinagar: The state government has decided to recruit a total of 6850 seats in non-government, granted and higher secondary schools in the state. He said that the state government has made an important decision to reserve six cadre positions in non-government, grantee and higher secondary schools. On which immediate appointments will be made. The Finance Minister further added that these benefits were sanctioned on condition of cancellation of vacancies at the time of granting the seven pay salaries to the subsidized secondary and higher secondary schools in the state. 

But the state government has decided to revive these places to fill these important places in education. There will be a total of 3 vacancies of the principal found, of the secondary assistant teacher (education assistant) and of the higher secondary assistant teacher (education support). New appointments will be made in these places in the coming days.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

practice paper 12 | Bin sachivalay Clerk

Gujarat Government is going to take exam for recruitment of Unsolicity Clerk in October, in which lakhs candidates are preparing for the exam. A practice paper that helps prepare for these candidates is placed on this website, with which you can evaluate the preparation of the test yourself. As a result of this, what more do you need to read further on the topic? It will be conceived.
 According to the details obtained, the examination was conducted by the Secondary Service Selection Board for the recruitment of nine secretarial clerks and office assistants to a total of six places. There are six non-secretarial clerk's and five office assistant's place. As many as 1,3,2 candidates applied for government jobs. Out of which, 1,7,2 candidates appeared for the exam. The examination was conducted in two parts by the Secondary Service Selection Board. In which a Part-2 Written Examination was held on 1st January. Subsequently, Computer Efficiency Test was conducted in Part-I. The results of which have been announced. Document verification of candidates is underway recently. Which is now nearing maturity. A program to distribute appointment letters to the successful candidates will be held at the Mahatma Mandir at 7am on April 7 next. In which the appointment letters will be given by the Chief Minister. As many as five vacancies of non-secretarial clerk are vacant in different government departments For which this examination was held. There are vacancies including Revenue 1, Highest Police Department, Office Assistant 2, Forest Guard, 2 Superintendent Engineer Irrigation Division, Superintendent Engineer Ahmedabad, 2 in Commissioner's School. 

All these departments will have to hire a non-secretarial clerk. The number of youth seeking government jobs is now highest among young people. Young people are getting seriously involved in the competitive exams for government jobs. The government job craze is on the rise now among young people. Millions of candidates are vying for it

Monday, 5 August 2019

Post Vibhag ma bharti jaherat 2019

An estimated 650 branches of the Indian Post Payment Bank will start operating across the country in May, said Communications Minister Manoj Sinha. He said that the system of payment bank-integration work has been completed and the necessary procedures as mandated by RBI will be completed this week. He said that with the opening of the postal payment bank, more than 1.50 lakh post offices across the country will start functioning as customer centers. People will be able to avail themselves of banking services through it. Sinha further said that the Post Department is using new technologies to provide faster features, including smartphones and handheld devices available to Postmen. So far, 15 thousand smartphones have been awarded to postmen. From now onwards, such a device will be made available to  postal employees
Social media has now become such a part of our lives that without it, life cannot be imagined. As the whole world knows, there are many disadvantages of social media. Social media is a waste of our time. It is fascinating to see how many likes we get after we have uploaded anything and who commented. If you do not take the phone in your hands for an hour, it feels as if you are cut off from the world. We try to stay away from social media, but it is not addictive. People are now beginning to look at man differently. Soon after you meet someone, you get a friendly request. If you are not on social media then you may feel that people are backward. People say, 'What world man is this?

Man's life technology has become a drive. Due to technology, nothing is hiding anymore. The collapse of privacy has often happened. Waterfalls of instructions on how to do this and not doing so are in order to protect your privacy. By the way, before you upload anything to social media, you wonder, what are the consequences? What and how do you feel about yourself in the future? Not just with a bad tooth, but also for making some decisions so someone can take a look at your social media.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

New NCERT maths 6 to 8 MCQ mobile app

Efforts are being made by the state government to improve the quality of education. But two books have been created by the Primary Education Department of Mehsana district as a novel experiment to make it easier for students to learn science, including mathematics. The book will be available to students from standard 6 to 8 and these two books are being selected among the students of the district along with the extra charity other than the text book of the Government of Gujarat. Efforts are being made by the state government to improve the quality of education. But two books have been created by the Primary Education Department of Mehsana district as a novel experiment to make it easier for students to learn science, including mathematics. The book will be available to students from standard 6 to 8 and these two books are being selected among the students of the district along with the extra charity other than the text book of the Government of Gujarat.

While the cost of making these two books has also been furnished with donor donations and teachers' rooms. This is the first time that work has been done in Gujarat for mathematics and science subjects. Sabatkantha district including Mehsana district is also a teacher-making district. The teacher of Mehsana district in the state government is very talented in mathematics and science. Various efforts are being made by the government to improve the quality of education in the state. Efforts are also being made to educate teachers in the new syllabus and new curriculum in changing contexts.

A novel experiment has been conducted by Mehsana district. In which more than two textbooks in mathematics and science preparedness are being practiced in school with more study work. Which is a great choice for the two book maths and science equipments students. In this case, the student brings the results of certain subjects down to two. The math and science subject in that subject goes to resemble a headache for the student. The Mehsana District Primary Department has been equipped with a NCERT curriculum for the student studying in the school.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Gujarat At-A-Glance GK Book Free Download by Gujarat Government

Technical, European and Anglo Indian Education in Rhythmic and Secondary Schools
And education, including agricultural education, but does not include agricultural education allocated to the agriculture and co-operation departments.
  •     Pharmacy- Education
  •     Count as canceled
  •     Copy Right.
  •     Books and magazines
  •     Literary and scientific institutions and universities
  •     Count as canceled (T3 / 5/6, chord 5/5/6)
  •     Performing arts drama competitions of schools and colleges.
  •     A scheme to train theatrical arts for primary school teachers.
  •     Support grants to schools teaching music, dance and theater. Auxiliary and National Cadet Corps (NCC)
    Ladies' faces
        Except for the ones allocated to the year (except in the case referred to under Note No. 5), all the gazetted officers and non-gazetted government servants under the administrative control of the department shall be appointed, post-appointed, transfers, promotions, conduct, leave-approval, pensions etc. All things related.
        All matters relating to the granting of pensions to the officers of Class-I and Class-I of the Secretariat cadre under the administrative control of this department;
    Allotment of leave in relation to the officers of the Class-I of the Secretariat cadre under the administrative control of the department is specified in the rules and regulations of the Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules-1, as specified in Nos. 1 and 2, respectively, and in Rules 9 to 9 of the Hon'ble Rule-9. Everything related to initiating disciplinary action for punishment

    Works, lands and houses assigned to the Government or occupied by the Government and assigned to the Department of Education for the purposes of the State. Investigation and statistics for the purposes of any of these listings, except for the fees charged by any court, for the fees in this list.The office of the Human Rights Commission is not functioning in Gujarat, but in relation to human rights matters, the office of the Director General of Police and Chief Police Officer, Gujarat State Gandhinagar is functioning. It has appointed Additional Director General of Police, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Inspector of Police, Sub-Inspector of Police, which is operating in G-1 Branch. The operation is done.