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Thursday, 1 August 2019

Gujarat At-A-Glance GK Book Free Download by Gujarat Government

Technical, European and Anglo Indian Education in Rhythmic and Secondary Schools
And education, including agricultural education, but does not include agricultural education allocated to the agriculture and co-operation departments.
  •     Pharmacy- Education
  •     Count as canceled
  •     Copy Right.
  •     Books and magazines
  •     Literary and scientific institutions and universities
  •     Count as canceled (T3 / 5/6, chord 5/5/6)
  •     Performing arts drama competitions of schools and colleges.
  •     A scheme to train theatrical arts for primary school teachers.
  •     Support grants to schools teaching music, dance and theater. Auxiliary and National Cadet Corps (NCC)
    Ladies' faces
        Except for the ones allocated to the year (except in the case referred to under Note No. 5), all the gazetted officers and non-gazetted government servants under the administrative control of the department shall be appointed, post-appointed, transfers, promotions, conduct, leave-approval, pensions etc. All things related.
        All matters relating to the granting of pensions to the officers of Class-I and Class-I of the Secretariat cadre under the administrative control of this department;
    Allotment of leave in relation to the officers of the Class-I of the Secretariat cadre under the administrative control of the department is specified in the rules and regulations of the Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules-1, as specified in Nos. 1 and 2, respectively, and in Rules 9 to 9 of the Hon'ble Rule-9. Everything related to initiating disciplinary action for punishment

    Works, lands and houses assigned to the Government or occupied by the Government and assigned to the Department of Education for the purposes of the State. Investigation and statistics for the purposes of any of these listings, except for the fees charged by any court, for the fees in this list.The office of the Human Rights Commission is not functioning in Gujarat, but in relation to human rights matters, the office of the Director General of Police and Chief Police Officer, Gujarat State Gandhinagar is functioning. It has appointed Additional Director General of Police, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Inspector of Police, Sub-Inspector of Police, which is operating in G-1 Branch. The operation is done.
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