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Monday, 5 August 2019

Post Vibhag ma bharti jaherat 2019

An estimated 650 branches of the Indian Post Payment Bank will start operating across the country in May, said Communications Minister Manoj Sinha. He said that the system of payment bank-integration work has been completed and the necessary procedures as mandated by RBI will be completed this week. He said that with the opening of the postal payment bank, more than 1.50 lakh post offices across the country will start functioning as customer centers. People will be able to avail themselves of banking services through it. Sinha further said that the Post Department is using new technologies to provide faster features, including smartphones and handheld devices available to Postmen. So far, 15 thousand smartphones have been awarded to postmen. From now onwards, such a device will be made available to  postal employees
Social media has now become such a part of our lives that without it, life cannot be imagined. As the whole world knows, there are many disadvantages of social media. Social media is a waste of our time. It is fascinating to see how many likes we get after we have uploaded anything and who commented. If you do not take the phone in your hands for an hour, it feels as if you are cut off from the world. We try to stay away from social media, but it is not addictive. People are now beginning to look at man differently. Soon after you meet someone, you get a friendly request. If you are not on social media then you may feel that people are backward. People say, 'What world man is this?

Man's life technology has become a drive. Due to technology, nothing is hiding anymore. The collapse of privacy has often happened. Waterfalls of instructions on how to do this and not doing so are in order to protect your privacy. By the way, before you upload anything to social media, you wonder, what are the consequences? What and how do you feel about yourself in the future? Not just with a bad tooth, but also for making some decisions so someone can take a look at your social media.
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