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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

practice paper 12 | Bin sachivalay Clerk

Gujarat Government is going to take exam for recruitment of Unsolicity Clerk in October, in which lakhs candidates are preparing for the exam. A practice paper that helps prepare for these candidates is placed on this website, with which you can evaluate the preparation of the test yourself. As a result of this, what more do you need to read further on the topic? It will be conceived.
 According to the details obtained, the examination was conducted by the Secondary Service Selection Board for the recruitment of nine secretarial clerks and office assistants to a total of six places. There are six non-secretarial clerk's and five office assistant's place. As many as 1,3,2 candidates applied for government jobs. Out of which, 1,7,2 candidates appeared for the exam. The examination was conducted in two parts by the Secondary Service Selection Board. In which a Part-2 Written Examination was held on 1st January. Subsequently, Computer Efficiency Test was conducted in Part-I. The results of which have been announced. Document verification of candidates is underway recently. Which is now nearing maturity. A program to distribute appointment letters to the successful candidates will be held at the Mahatma Mandir at 7am on April 7 next. In which the appointment letters will be given by the Chief Minister. As many as five vacancies of non-secretarial clerk are vacant in different government departments For which this examination was held. There are vacancies including Revenue 1, Highest Police Department, Office Assistant 2, Forest Guard, 2 Superintendent Engineer Irrigation Division, Superintendent Engineer Ahmedabad, 2 in Commissioner's School. 

All these departments will have to hire a non-secretarial clerk. The number of youth seeking government jobs is now highest among young people. Young people are getting seriously involved in the competitive exams for government jobs. The government job craze is on the rise now among young people. Millions of candidates are vying for it
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