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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

dhutara dhanji e paisa padavya ane thai police Fariyad

A complaint has been registered against Dhahabudi alias Dhanji Oud at Chandkheda Police Station after Pathapur and Gandhinagar. Baha took two lakhs to raise money for Mataji to get the government job for the girl. Police have conducted an investigation based on the girl's plea.

According to the details of the incident, Mrinalini's sister Leua, who lives in Employee Division-1 in Ghatalodia, has filed a fraud petition against Dhabudi alias Dhanji Odd. According to the petition, he went to see Dhanji Od's throne at the Gandhinagar Sector 9 Theater on December 5. It was learned that the big event was organized on Dhanji Od's birthday on December 3.

On that day Mrinalini's sister went to get her daughter a government job. Even though Dhanji Odd didn't get it, his follower has already made your request to his Dhaboodi mother and fill in on Sunday. If you want a job soon then you have to pay two or five lakhs. Later, Mrinalini's sister reached Dhanji Od's house in Chandkheda. Where Dhanji Ode gave a check of 1 lakh or 2 lakh saying that the work will be done if Mrinalini's sister gave a check of 1 lakh. Which Dhanji later surpassed. Though his daughter did not get a job, she has applied for a probe at Dhanji Odd, a senior Chandkheda police station.
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