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Friday, 20 September 2019

Fill traffic sitting at home, do not have to go to the police station to deposit

Heavy penalties have been imposed on violations of traffic rules, along with changes in motor vehicle acts. People have also become a bit cautious about violating traffic rules. However, it may be that the traffic rules were inadvertently violated and unaware by someone in the past. To find out, anyone can log on to the Transport Department's official website to find out about it.
  • How to check :

For this, one must first click on the official website of the Department of Transport echallan.parivahan.gov.in. After that the webpage of the website will open. From here the user will have to click on the optional Check challan status provided on the right side of the webpage.

After clicking on it, another page will open against the user, where the user will have to give the requested information. After giving this information, the user can know about the status of his invoice whether his invoice has been deducted or not.

  • Fill in this way by sitting at home

Please tell that you can fill the e-challan without even going to the police station. For this user go to https://payahmedabadechallan.org/ to fill the e-invoice. The user will be linked to that page after filling in the information requested. Where to pay for payment of e-challan Here payment can be easily made through e-invoice through different means.
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