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Friday, 27 September 2019

Gujarat Govt.GK Book | Hu banu vishva manvi Part-1

Gujarat's first private train, Tejas, is preparing to run between
Ahmedabad-Mumbai next November. The Railway Board has decided to hand over the train to IRCTC for the dual purpose of providing international quality passenger services to passengers and maximizing travel time.
The train will halt only between Vadodara and Surat railway station between Ahmedabad Mumbai. The Tejas train will be the least time consuming train after the Duronto and Shatabdi Express. Mail-express trains take 8 to 9 hours. While the train will complete the journey from Ahmedabad to Mumbai in 6:30 to 7 hours. An hour and a half of travel time will be saved. The 18-coach train will run 6 days a week.
Here is the train timetable
According to the timetable set at the current stage, Tejas train will depart from Ahmedabad at 6:10 am. Which will reach Vadodara at 8:08 pm, Surat at 9:35 pm and Mumbai at 1:10 pm. The train will arrive at Surat 6:57 pm, Vadodara at 8:20 pm and Ahmedabad at 9:55 pm, returning at 3:40 pm.
According to the railway officials, the Tejas train will have an LCD screen behind each seat for entertainment and information. Onboard free Wi-Fi, each coach will also have an RO water filter bottle.

A vending machine will be set up to provide passengers with tea and coffee, which is likely to be offered free of charge. Five seats will be reserved for foreigners on the train. In the case of an accident, the railway system will provide all kinds of assistance. IRCTC may be able to make necessary reforms within coaches so as not to jeopardize the safety of passengers. Railway ticket checking staff will not be able to check the ticket. Railway people will be pilots, guards, station masters in the operation of the train.

Extensive efforts have been launched to strengthen the train transport service between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. It is noteworthy that the railway board has decided to run IRCTC-operated private trains between Ahmedabad-Mumbai and Delhi-Lucknow in the country. According to the informant, this will be a pilot project with a standard pilot for three years. Considering the management experience, feedback and passenger feedback, the decision will be taken on whether to hand over the other trains to private hands.

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