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Thursday, 3 October 2019

बिनसचिवालय क्लार्क परीक्षा मोडेल पेपर नंबर - 20 | प्रेक्टिस पेपर 20

For the admission in BE and B.Tech, you have to take the Paper-1 exam. B. Architect, B. Planning is to appear for the Paper-2 exam. 90 questions in Paper-I, Paper-1, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry questions, Paper-2 is asked in three parts.

Counseling | Students get scorecards based on 60% of JEE Mai examination and 40% of marks obtained in St.12 science. Based on this, online counseling is conducted. The first three rounds of counseling are done by the Joint Seat Allocation Authority. When the Central Seat Allocation Board for the special round is done.
India is at par with most Asian countries.This estimate of Crisil Research is based on pre-tax profits for fiscal 2018-19. Accordingly, the revenue and Ebitda margin of Indian companies is expected to be 5.6% in the current financial year. So the actual figures for these companies' tax savings may be higher than this estimate. Crisil Research said in a statement that the decision taken by the government to reduce the corporate tax to accelerate the sluggish economy is very important. After this step, India is on par with most Asian countries. The government on Friday reduced corporate tax for local companies by 25.17%. It also includes all cess and surcharges.

The exam has done the most damage to the world. There should be no examinations everywhere but biographical education. The country will not be free from poverty and corruption through examination-based education. Our examination system means that the quality of the gamut, Gokhale is forgotten in 3 to 7 days. There were no more educated alter egoists all over the world. Must be taught to be useful in life. Textbooks are taught according to the areas of the same standard in England. Life's problems must be taught to solve them. The above words are from the folklorist Sonosara. Arunbhai Dave presented his thoughts in a lecture at the Hirak Jayanti Festival of Dinbai Dabu Girls' School, rThere were highs.
Israel's paramilitary tank said that there is minimal rainfall but there is rich livestock and farming. The cows there provide an average of 5 liters of milk per day. While India's cows provide only 5.5 liters of average milk. If the education of life and nature is revealed, then this country will be transformed. We have the biggest corruption in education. What makes human beings truly human is true education. Nature is the greatest teacher and nature is our master. Ramayarajya-Surajya will be established only if there is a combination of evil and power.
On the occasion, Virendra Desai, the president of the institute, expressed his views on changing the traditional method of education.
Acharyo  welcomed everyone, giving an overview of the school's history and the progress of the school. He greeted the dignitaries of the stage. Desai said. greeted Dave with a shawl. The inspector of the school, Patel, introduced the speaker. Desai administered the program. The concert began with the beautiful prayers of musician Parekh and the students. Teacher Garasia accepted the loan.

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