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Saturday, 26 October 2019

BInsachivalay Exam Model paper no.4 : 200 Marks by topic

Practice paper or model paper plays an important role in the preparation of any competitive exam in the last days. Here, according to the syllabus of the Binsachivalay Clerk examination, a model paper of 200 questions has been put in the subject, which will be useful to all.Reflection of talents in the ion of learning Time management is very important in Exam, I gave each subject time based on its importance and had read and practiced it within that time limit. Exam was not much problem at the time of practicing every subject since its inception Except for Exam, I used to read five hours a day, while Exam time was 5 to 7 hours. Examples also have the benefit of resolving sample paper. Exam has no adverse effects on social media if self-controlled. I still haven't decided what to do in the future. Rohit Sharma, who lives at Justice Bungalows, has earned 3 marks in the same subject as Maths in the 3 Science CBSC Board. Talking about this, Rohan said, "I worked hard for a year. 

The Gujarat Labor Commissioner's Office has been operating the bonus cell since October and has been forced to pay a bonus of Rs 235.97 crore to its 2,04,147 workers, explaining to about 786 private institutions in seven districts of Gujarat. According to the information provided by the office of the Deputy Labor Commissioner of Ahmedabad, a special bonus cell was set up at the office of the Deputy Labor Commissioner in Ahmedabad for compliance with the Payments Act. Bonus Sales provided guidance on providing bonuses to private companies. A bonus of Rs. 235.97 crore has been paid for a total of 2,04, 147 workers of 786 companies in 7 districts of Ahmedabad besides 25th October 2019. Also, 1,45,589 workers of 554 institutes in Ahmedabad district were paid a bonus of Rs 151.92 crore. 25918 workers of 121 institutes in Gandhinagar district have been paid a bonus of Rs.30.01 crore. As well as 4588 employees of 16 institutes in Banaskantha, Rs. 9.71 crore, 20,599 employees of 66 Mehsana employees and 20,599 employees of 66 Mehsana district organizations. It has been reported to pay a bonus of Rs 33.02 crore. An amount of Rs. 6740 has been provided to 22 branches of Sabarkantha district. It was ordered to pay a bonus of 10.73 crore. 4 institutes in Patan district paid 338 workers at a cost of Rs. 30. 18 lakhs and 338 workers of Arvilli district Rs. 30, 18 lakhs and 3 institutions of Arvalli district have been forced to give bonuses to 375 women. Thus, 6,18,001 workers of the state will get Rs. It has been forced to pay a bonus of 817.817.22 crore.
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